Hyundai drives into luxury sector with iPad car manual

LuxuryDaily details: Hyundai Motors has shifted its gears into the luxury sector with its new Equus model whose owner’s manual comes as an  iPad application.

New Equus owners receive an iPad with videos, interactive games and time-saving features on an already-downloaded application. The brand believes that an application is more informative and convenient than a paper manual.

“The iPad app is so much more than anything a traditional owner’s manual would ever be,” said Derek Joyce, manager of product public relations of Hyundai, Fountain Valley, CA. “The interactive features makes everything easier to understand and shows things in such depth that only an application could accomplish.”

Inside the app
The application’s homepage shows an Equus with blinking lights on different parts of the body of the car.


Equus homepage

When pushed, a small blurb comes up with the car part and some information, and then offers the user to tap again if they want to learn more.

Another tap brings visitors to a page where they can fully interact with that section of the car.


Individual interaction page

For example, when users click on the Equus’ headlights, the application allows them to curve the road in front of a driving car to illustrate how the lights adapt to winding roads.

Users also have the option to view the interior of the car, where they can explore the seats, consoles and roof.

A tap on the icon on the left of the screen drops down a menu where consumers can learn about each specific car part in detail and interact with the different features, as if they were in the car.

The application also offers the “User’s Manual,” which acts like a traditional paper manual would where users can scroll through the detailed information as if they are turning actual pages.

The “Quick Reference Guide” has diagrams and general information about the parts of the car.

The “Dealer Locator” uses location-based targeting to find which dealers are closest to the consumer. The top icons also allow the user to search for a dealer by ZIP code or by finger-scrolling.


Hyundai dealership locator

Consumers can schedule their cars for maintenance or contact dealers through the application with “Service Scheduler.”

“This is a huge part of what makes the Equus so special as a luxury vehicle,” Mr. Joyce said. “We know that affluent consumers don’t have a lot of time to go to the dealership, and some don’t even want to go.

“Time is an important commodity for luxury consumers, and we try to be as convenient and efficient as possible to help them out,” he said.

Hyundai employees come and pick up the car whenever maintenance is needed and drop off another Equus or Hyundai Genesis until the car is done being fixed.

The last feature is the “Hyundai Gallery” that shows video footage and still images of the Equus’ interior and exterior.

Driving into the luxury sector
The Equus was inspired by the success of the Genesis, Hyundai’s first upscale vehicle.

The brand gained such hype with the model that they decided to stretch their status as a luxury automaker even further.

Hyundai is marketing its new vehicle through public relations outreach, auto shows, print ads and via the Web.


Equus ad in Fortune

“We expect great things from Equus,” Mr. Joyce said. “This model definitely expands our brand image and proves that we can compete in the same market as other luxury vehicles.”

Final take
Hyundai demos Equus’ iPad app

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