Hyundai Holidays featuring YouTube Sensation Pomplamoose

I am torn by this one. On one hand, I appreciate that Hyundai went with YouTube sensations Pomplamoose (read about ’em and their popularity here) to sing and star in their holiday campaign.

On the other hand (and prob not Pomplamoose’s fault) but these damn spots run incessantly and has earned the honor of being Consumerist’s Worst Holiday Ads 2010, as judged by users.

So why did these commercials get rotten tomatoes? Judging by the negative comments and e-mails about the Hyundai ads, the deciding factor seems to be a matter of frequency. A large number of readers noted that they liked, or at least didn’t mind, the Pomplamoose ads when they first began to air, but that the omnipresence of these commercials on prime time TV and during football games turned ambivalence to anger.

But anyway, these annoying ads are netting millions of voluntary views on YouTube – a feat for holiday saleathon ads! Lets stay tuned to see which brand tops the holiday sales figures.