BMW Documentaries explores 'the future of mobility'

“Wherever You Want To Go” is the first release under BMW Documentaries—a new franchise dedicated to crafting original, thought-provoking and entertaining content. The film aims to take audiences to a place they’ve truly never been: the future. From the minds of some of the most influential scientists, academics, pioneers, and entrepreneurs of our time, this four-part documentary paints a unique picture of technology, culture, cities, our past, present and how it all relates to the future of mobility.

“Wherever You Want To Go” is not meant to provide definitive answers, but rather, to ask the right questions from the right people in an attempt to generate discussion, provoke thought and stir the imagination. As part of the Activate the Future website, viewers are also encouraged to click and comment on various points throughout the documentary. was created to get users actively involved in the ever-evolving conversation on the future of mobility. Over the coming months, this site will continue to explore new ways to shape the future of mobility and will encourage users’ opinions and participation along the way.

Note, too: the relatively sophisticated and understated brand hand stamped on it. While there is very clear BMW sponsorship/presenter language throughout, there is very little BMW Driving Demos videos or ad language. There is subtle inclusion of Laurenz Schaffer, President BMW DesignworksUSA amongst the luminaries interviewed, but little more. In the “About” page there is a link out to their ActiveE electric vehicle story on their website and a link out to the concept cars section of the website – all demonstrating that BMW is not just talking about it, but being about innovation. The overall focus is clearly intended to get users to watch the four films and moreso, sign up for updates as new films are released in sequence.