Mercedes Gauges Cadillac's Success Via Social Network

A few months ago, I signed up for Mercedes-Benz’s closed social network for Millennials called Generation Benz in order to get a better look at the site (I’m not an active member). On the network, they invite Millennials to create a profile, like Facebook, and invite people to take surveys, react to new ads, join groups and have live chats with marketing and product managers. In the past they have sent me all Mercedes focused emails (provide your feedback on the Super Bowl ad, talk to product expert about a new model, take a survey about your driving style).

Today, they sent me an email titled “The Cadillac Brand” that included two sections about Cadillac. I found it very interesting to see one of the most dominant luxury brands acknowledge the success of the underdog. The two Cadillac-specific areas respondents can participate in :

1. An open forum on Cadilllac’s new line-up

Cadillac had a strong February sales month, up 60% due to the success of their CTS and DTS models (each more than doubled their sales in February), as well as the SRX. Jim O’Donnell, President and CEO of BMW North America, was recently quoted in Business Week, saying that Cadillac’s edgy styling and its popular SRX SUV has helped the brand emerge as a legitimate competitor to BMW. “There’s a new generation of people buying Cadillacs,” O’Donnell said. “They used to say that people wouldn’t buy their father’s Cadillac. Well, now it’s the grandchildren that are buying them.”

What do you think of this statement and the Cadillac product line, particularly the CTS, CTS-V Coupe, and SRX? Do you think Cadillac is gaining an edge on BMW?

Currently, there are only a handful of comments that range from pessimistic to very positive.

2. A survey about the new commercials and tag line

In the survey, respondents are asked to watch “Arrows” and answer 6 questions about ad appeal, actions taken after seeing the ad, and changing opinion. They also asked about the appeal of the tag line “We don’t just make luxury cars, we make Cadillacs.”

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