Honda iPhone App Enables Viewers to Interact with TV Spot

Branding Unbound notes: In its “This Unpredictable Life” campaign, whose very structure reflects a musical riff, Honda brings us a psychedelic, animated TV spot voiced over by, of all people, Garrison Keillor. There’s even an iPhone app that enables viewers to swipe characters right off the TV using “screen hopping” technology and then interact with the characters by doing things like singing into the phone’s microphone to get the monkey character to dance.

According to Creativity, this screen hopping technology uses audio recognition to sync the app to the spots soundtrack, identifying which character to “catch.”

I’m not yet sure if I would download an app in the hopes of seeing a TV commercial, and then whipping out the phone in time to catch a character. But it is an innovative idea, and it does point to new possibilities in activating traditional through the power of mobile. I didn’t learn much about the Jazz, but at least I might be open to doing so.