Volvo sponsorship offers free live MLB.TV games for Apple iOS

Volvo sponsorship offers free live MLB.TV games foVolvo taps Mobext and Celtra to activate its At Bat sponsorship with mobile ads 

Automaker Volvo launched an exclusive sponsorship of Major League Baseball Advanced Media’s At Bat suite of mobile applications in time for Opening Day.

The automaker’s sponsorship is enabling a free trial of MLB.TV for the month of April – presented by Volvo – on Apple iOS mobile devices. MLBAM issued its Opening Day application updates, which include various new features, offers and functionalities such as a redesigned Gameday experience with ballpark images for iPad and the first live streaming of regular season baseball games on Android with access to MLB.TV.

“Regarding the strategy, we were looking to allow Volvo to provide real value to their target audience, this partnership with MLB allowed us to provide a best-in-class service around one the audience’s passion points,” said Jared Hopfer, New York-based associate director of Mobext.

“Most importantly, we were able to have Volvo ad units that were very deeply integrated into the At Bat application,” Mr. Hopfer said.

Celtra helped to power the Volvo ad units within the At Bat application, which is available for Apple’s iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, Google’s Android and Research In Motion’s BlackBerry devices.

Apple of Volvo’s eye
Mr. Hopfer said that using cutting-edge platforms such as the AppleTV, iPad and iPhone allows for Volvo to interact with the target audience in meaningful ways and provide tangible value to the brand and its target demographic.

As the brand’s audience continues to consume more media on mobile devices, Volvo recognizes the importance of having a presence across mobile and other emerging media.

Volvo’s in-app ad unit

Volvo branding throughout At Bat users can click on the Volvo ad at the bottom and visit the mobile Web site promoting the S60 model.

The Volvo S60 in-app landing page

The Volvo mobile Web site

Volvo also has an S60 application, another way that the brand is promoting the model.

This is not Volvo’s first experience with a mobile advertising campaign.

A Volvo cross-platform mobile ad campaign promoting the S60 model saw a 3.91 percent click-through rate (see story).

“Prior to this campaign, the client envisioned mobile primarily as a direct response channel,” Mr. Hopfer said. “Since then, Volvo and Mobext now view mobile as a branding mainstay and have added mobile to several upcoming branding and engagement programs.”

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