Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini *gain awareness* from celeb-endorsed Twitter campaign

MobileMarketer notes: Automakers such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls-Royce and Maserati are sure to gain awareness with a new celebrity-endorsed Twitter campaign by Indulgence Auto Rental.

With a vehicle selection of impressive luxury cars, the company is far from the common Hertz or Enterprise.

“The real motivation here is for Indulgence Auto Rental to promote its service – not high-end cars, but the service we provide,” said Frank Kafimov, chief operating officer of Indulgence Auto Rental, Los Angeles.

The map
The company’s desire to involve celebrities, many of whom are already clients, is no surprise.

To be considered a qualified candidate, a celebrity must have: a verified Twitter account, more than 2 million followers on Twitter and be personally liked by Indulgence Auto Rental followers.

Celebrities who feel they meet all of the requirements can than contact Indulgence Auto Rental for more information.

If all goes well, and they are found to be likeable and approved, the celebrities may pick from any one of the company’s luxury cars, currently including the Rolls-Royce Phantom, the Maserati Grand Turismo and the McLaren SLR Roadster, so as long as they are not already reserved or rented out.

A celebrity is given one free rental day per tweet.

Should they wish to keep the car longer, they can do so at the normal rate that can reach up to $3,500 per day.

The fuel
Indulgence Auto Rental currently at 81 Twitter followers, none of which are verified celebrity accounts. Therefore, the campaign is going to need a big push to get off the ground.

“We plan to market it further on Twitter and Facebook,” Mr. Kafimov said.  “We also plan to market it to the clients we already have, some of whom are celebrities.”

This seems to be an odd leap for a company with such a small social media presence.

The Twitter account at @IndulgenceAuto is only a month-old and, with five tweets, would be deemed inactive in the Twitter world.

The company’s Facebook fan page is also lacking supporters, with a fan base of eight.

Indulgence Auto claims to be running the most ethical type of celebrity endorsement by offering its services instead of money.

Mr. Kafimov thinks it is wrong when a company simply plays a celebrity to tweet or endorse a product, with no concern as to whether the celebrity has actually used the products.

Indeed, such is often the case with reality-star tweeters such as Kim Kardashian, whom is rumored to receive up to $10,000 per tweet.

“It makes a difference when a celebrity or anyone actually uses the services and the products and they talk positively about it,” Mr. Kafimov said.  “We are just asking them to experience our services and use our products and then talk about our services.”