Audi launches racing program app with augmented reality hook

LuxuryDaily notes: German automaker Audi has launched a new mobile application for the Le Mans 24 hour race that will further integrate the brand with what is arguably the toughest sports car race in the world.

The Audi 24H app features an augmented reality hook that will engage Audi fans who are not attending the event. The app will run across iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

“Audi UK wanted an opportunity to step out from the crowd in the automotive industry,” said Maani Safa, product director at Somo, London.

“Having participated in Le Mans 24 Hour since 1999, this seemed like a good choice to launch the industry-first mobile app,” he said.

Somo is a European mobile agency that developed this app for Audi.

Car for the course
Audi has been a sponsor of the Le Mans race for  13 years. Its sports cars have won the race nine times.

The app’s most engaging feature is an augmented reality game that allows consumers to test-drive multiple Audis that have won previous Le Mans races, such as the R8, R10 TDI, R15 TDI and R18 TDI.


Choose your car for ARChoose your car for AR 


“Not only is the way the augmented reality is showcased an exciting first for the motor industry,” Mr. Safa said, “but it also sets the standard for future mobile offerings from Audi’s competitors, successfully transferring Audi’s aspirational qualities with the consumer, in to the world of mobile.”

Through the app, consumers can also read information on the different teams competing in the Le Mans race and choose one to follow.

The app also offers technical information for each car taking part in the race and allows users to view them in a photo gallery.

For people who attend the race, the app has geo-positioning features that allow them to see where on the track they are located and give them information on the different circuits of the track.

Lastly, the app offers video and voice clips from winning Audi drivers talking about the cars and the course.


Gamers can drive the R8Gamers can drive the R8 


Aim to engage
The Audi app brings a world-renowned sports car race into the homes of its consumers, attracting both car racing fans and sports car enthusiasts alike.

“Audi UK wanted an app that was both informative and engaging for Audi and Le Mans fans,” Mr. Safa said.

“A key objective for Audi UK was to showcase the brand to their customers through a range of innovative products in mobile,” he said.

Offering information, live commentary during the race and games, the app looks to engage consumers before and after the Le Mans race.

Using innovative technology, the augmented reality driving game uses an augmented-reality trigger download, making this app the first of its kind among car manufacturers, claims Somo;s Mr. Safa.

“The app was intended to show how innovative mobile solutions can engage with consumers on another level,” Mr. Safa said.

“Audi wanted to leverage its investment in the Le Mans race program and involve its millions of fans onto the circuit wherever they are,” he said.