Lexus engineers education, entertainment in interactive iAd

MobileMarketer notes: Toyota Corp.’s Lexus is demonstrating safe driving education through games and video in its iAd campaign for the LFA model.

Lexus uses exercises to test reaction time, focus and concentration, while also explaining the features of the LFA that help to prevent typical roadside accidents. Users can also watch a campaign video, customize an LFA and schedule a virtual test drive.

“In September, we launched the next installment of our brand campaign, titled, ‘Engineering Amazing,’” said Nancy Hubbell, prestige communications manager for Lexus, Torrance, CA. ”The campaign highlighted the lengths Lexus goes to in designing the most technologically-advanced vehicles.

“It only seemed fitting to utilize cutting-edge media to give consumers a fun, engaging experience that provides a deeper meaning to Engineering Amazing,” she said. “In addition to getting a taste of the Lexus driving simulator, users can unlock a virtual LFA in different colors and test-drive the car in the palm of their hand.

“They will also be able to discover more information on the Lexus safety innovations and have an opportunity to see our Reactions TV spot.”

Road test
The iAd execution will be on the Huffington Post for iPad and TV Guide for iPad applications and on the AP mobile news, The New York Times, The Weather Channel and Pandora sites, according to the brand.

Consumers can customize the LFA with white, yellow, black and orange paint, but first they must unlock the focus, concentration and reaction-time tests.

In the focus exercise, users must tap on as many distracting situations as possible, including ball in the street, beautiful view, road work, pedestrians crossing, shaving, looking at a map, tailgater and falling asleep.

Focus test

Consumers must then test their reaction time.

Yellow dots light up on the screen and users are instructed to tap on the dot as quickly as possible. After three tries, the iAd computes the skills and gives the consumer an average reaction time.

Reaction time test

The third exercise is to test consumers’ concentration.

Participants are told to watch a cup under which there is a small red ball.

The concentration test

The cups are switched and mixed around before the consumers’ eyes, but the iAd takes the distraction a step further with a text message.

The iAd also encourages consumers to watch the TV commercial, learn additional information and discover the mechanics that make Lexus engineering so amazing.

Lexus nexus
Many luxury brands are using iAds and other banner ads to interact with consumers by targeting them in apps and on mobile sites where affluent consumers are likely to go.

Because there are so many banner ads, luxury automakers are striving to make their ads as interesting and engaging as possible to keep users away from rival brands.

For instance, German automaker BMW is pushing its flagship 7 Series models with an interactive, engaging iAd where consumers can shake, tap and swipe their iPhones to explore the car (see story).

Depending on what brands are marketing and how consumers can relate to it, there are many different options for using banner ads.

For example, jeweler Tiffany & Co. recently used banner ads to promote its new mobile application, “What Makes Love True,” which takes users to Apple’s App Store for a download (see story).

Additionally, American Express had a more engaging banner ad where consumers could listen to music and learn about the new Zync card (see story).

“The iAd execution is an interactive app-like experience that is a Lexus-first,” Ms. Hubbell said. “The messaging is centered on Lexus’ world’s most advanced driving simulator, and feature games that test a user’s focus, revealing how the simulator can test the reaction time of a driver.

“This mobile strategy is valuable to Lexus because it enables us to better connect with our target audience,” she said.