One Instagram photo could win you a car in Ford’s latest campaign

First we saw Audi creating an Instagram profile and now Ford is running a full blown Instagram contest in Europe complete with a gallery on Facebook and even select photos appearing in billboards and real life art galleries. Grand prize is a new Ford Fiesta. Now if Instgram would just hurry up with that Android app I’ve been waiting for…

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The American car manufacturer, Ford has just partnered with the viral photo sharing app Instagram to launch a new photography competition called Fiestagram to promote its new car the Ford Fiesta. The contest challenges Instagram photo-taking enthusiasts across Europe to upload photos in a several categories inspired by the technologies and features of the new Ford (pictured above).

Each week leading up to December 9th, a new category (#Starting, #Hidden, #Listening, #Entry, #Music and #Shapes) will provide contestants with an opportunity to win a range of prizes, the highest prize being a new Fiesta. Participants can interpret the categories in any way they wish and with any Filters they wish.

All images submitted appear in the online gallery on Facebook built using Instagram’s API while the best submissions will also appear on live-billboards and real life photography galleries across Europe. To date, the contest has received 11,000 images in just over 4 weeks. The winner will be announced on December 9th. They say a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, your photo could be worth £16,000 – the price of a top of the range Ford Fiesta.

Even if you don’t love Ford cars, you’ve got to appreciate the brand’s use of Instagram, Facebook, real life galleries and digital billboards in this marketing campaign. Check out a couple of the submissions below:

Visit the Ford Fiesta Facebook page and enter by simply uploading photos with the hashtag #Fiestagram to Instagram. The competition will be judged by Instagram’s founder Philippe González and Ford’s head of social media, Scott Monty.

If you’re not based in Europe, sorry, you can’t win prizes, but you can still take part by submitting images on Instagram and be featured in the real life galleries across Europe over the coming weeks.

The campaign was created by Blue Hive, an integrated advertising agency based in London. Tom Gibby, a Digital Strategist at Blue Hive also created Search Instgram, “the best place to search for Instagram images online”.

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