Check Out the Ford Social Fans They’re Bringing to Detroit

FordSocial Notes: We’re excited. We have some high-profile VIPs coming to visit us in Detroit, and we want to make sure we impress them. They’re not movie stars. They’re not CEOs. They’re something far more important: Ford Social members like you.

Over the course of the year, we’ve encountered a lot of great people in the Ford Social community, but some of them really stood out. Whether it was because they regularly commented on our articles, submitted an idea (or 20) that really got the folks at HQ talking, or shared an inspiring story that stuck with us for weeks, we knew that these were people we just had to meet in person.

So we’re flying them to Detroit.

They’ll be joining us this January for a trip to the North American International Auto Show. And we’re giving them superstar treatment, too: They’ll get behind-the-scenes access to exclusive events, have a chance chat with some of the top thinkers at Ford and tour the design labs and factory floor to see where the magic happens. We’ve also got a few surprises up our sleeve.

So check out our VIPs, and show them some love!

Brad Barefoot

Where he’s from: Dunn, NC

What he drives: Escape and Fusion

What he does: Retired outdoor power equipment dealer

What he loves: Brad loves getting connected to Ford online. “I’m a person who likes to see things happen, and if possible become a part of that project or job getting in on the ground floor,” he says. “The Ford Social site has given myself and a host of others a lace to share ideas, answer questions, and post a idea that will make Ford a few bucks along the way.”

Cool Ford Social idea: Brad weighed in on how Ford can fit its drivers — literally! “Just a thought: as we move towards more platforms like the Focus, lets remember the world’s population isn’t 5′8″ and weighs just 150 to 170 pounds,” he says. “The 39″ headroom is OK unless you want a moonroof. And you’ve done well with great legroom front to back, but side-to-side hurts. Let’s have more legroom from left to right please.” See the full post here!

Alan Campbell

Where he’s from: Douglasville, GA

What he drives: Proud former owner of a 1989 Thunderbird, and looking to get a new Focus or Focus EV

What he does: Agent for Division of Child Support Services

What he loves: Alan gets pumped about innovative and efficient tech. “I like automobiles that are designed well. Cohesive designs where it’s obvious that every detail was taken into account,” he says. “This is what I see coming from this new crop of Ford card, trucks, crossovers and SUVs. I like technology. Not for just the sake of technology, but innovative technology that is well thought out and useful like the MyFord Touch® system and the many safety technologies in the new Ford vehicles.  With the resurgence of the American auto industry, this is an exciting time to be an auto enthusiast.”

Cool Ford Social idea: “Offer several models of the 2013 Fusion Hybrid instead of the one top of the line model. Offer an entry, mid and top of the line model. Buyers who want better mpg, don’t necessarily want to pay for or want all the accessories.” See the full post here!

Everette Douglas

Where he’s from: Albany, GA

What he drives: Explorer

What he does: Studies engineering and hopes to work on automotive design.

What he loves: His Explorer. He’s managed to rack up 500,000 — that’s right, 500,000 — miles on his sweet machine. That works out to about 50,000 miles for every year he’s owned it. “I’ve had some moments with my truck,” he says. “It has been a marvelous vehicle. And it’s still going.”

Cool Ford Social story: Since he bought his Explorer in 2002, he and his ride have been to Virginia, Florida, Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania, and even as far as Seattle. “The big thing is listening,” he says. “Me and that car have a history together — when it tells me something, I’m going to know.”

Tom Fong

Where he’s from: Los Angeles, CA

What he drives: Taurus

What he does: Writer and blogger

What he loves: Tom is a web fanatic. He’s constantly looking for ways to get involved in online car communities like and Taurus Car Club of America. Now he’s a Ford Super User and frequent guest blogger. “I was highly stunned when a huge global company took an interest in me, just a common guy,” he says. “I still can’t believe Ford has given me the opportunity to share my pictures and experiences.”

Cool Ford Social story: Tom got to report on an awesome auto show at an unusual location earlier this year: “The parking lot at Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, California, is Ford heaven for one weekend every April when 1,700-plus cars of all years and models assemble,” he wrote. “These are daily drivers, collector cars and vintage cars in nearly 50 different classes, representing the longevity of Ford production since 1903… It was a perfect day to meet Ford special guests, friends and other Ford enthusiasts and to enjoy other people’s cars.” See the full post here!

Wish you were on the list? Well, we can’t fly all our fans out to Detroit (wish we could), but we’ve got some more big surprises on the way. It’s all part of our mission to celebrate all the folks out there who like, want, own or care about Ford — whether they’re wearing the badge, or telling us what they really think about our cars. The online badges are just the beginning.

CRM emailer announcing the venture below:

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