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If your New Year’s resolution was to start walking or biking more, you may be out of luck. Auto brands are making it too easy to practically live out of your vehicle these days.  And a good dose of auto stimuli is almost ready to be dispensed: the International Consumer Electronics Show, from January 10-12, is fast becoming the place to start each New Year in car tech, as brands rush to display new gadgetry from the Vegas strip- which, ironically, may be the worst place to drive.

Word is 2012 will give us more vehicle apps that continue to improve life and the driving experience as brands magnify their infotainment capacities.

Car Gadgets from GM & OnStar

GM is taking their OnStar technology further into the entertainment realm- smart thinking, considering shoppers are now seeing tech first, and brand loyalty second.  OnStar is teaming with Verizon to give 4G LTE connectivity to drivers, opening the doors for more streaming content, including rear-seat infotainment by way of seat mounted tablets, video chat, and energy management apps.  There’s no timetable yet on when 4G will be available on any vehicles, but anticipation is high because the faster technology opens up a number of infotainment options- think in terms of video calls (backseat or parked only!) and Siri-ously evolved voice recognition.

Car Gadgets from Cadillac CUE

CUE, or Cadillac User Experience, is the brand’s go at infotainment.  Expect voice & touch control with gesture recognition on an 8” LCD screen, Doppler radar for weather, Pandora, 3D navigation, and customizable themes & apps- plus it’s compatible with 10 different mobile devices.  Cadillac’s 2013 XTS and ATS sedans, along with the SRX crossover, will be the first vehicles to have CUE.

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Car Gadgets from Ford

Ford’s Evos concept car will be a CES main attraction, as will the cloud technology that comes with it- but rumor has it that we’ll have to wait for the 2013 Fusion to start seeing it personally.  Still, the home-work-car tech connection is intriguing enough to start thinking about life with it, eventually.  Check it out here.

And Ford, who christened last year’s show with its 2012 Focus, will again be well seen: President and CEO Alan Mulally, who must have a nice suite at one of the hotels, will speak as part of the so-called CES Innovation Power Panel along with Xerox’s Ursula Burns and Verizon’s Lowell McAdam.  Oh yeah, the Ford Fusion is also the official car of CES this year.

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Car Gadgets from Mercedes

Daimler chairman Dr. Dieter Zetsche is giving a keynote address at CES this year, and that should mean a large reveal or two is in order, so get ready.  Mercedes has been somewhat belittled for falling behind in the infotainment realm, though Zetsche and the Benz brand will have the entire show at attention when he speaks on January 10th.

According to the CEA blog, over 400 auto tech companies will be at CES 2012, with brands like Audi, Chrysler, and Kia among the aforementioned- so keep your ear to the pavement, andcheck out the prices on CarWoo!.

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