The L2 Prestige 100®: Facebook IQ

The L2 Prestige 100®: Facebook IQ measures the aptitude of 100 prestige brands from the Auto, Beauty, Fashion, Watches & Jewelry, and Spirits & Champagnes industries on the world’s fastest growing social media platform. In partnership with Buddy Media, the Index scores each brand against more than 200 qualitative and quantitative data points to evaluate and rank their Facebook efforts across four criteria: Size & Growth, Engagement, Programming, and Integration. Auto and Beauty dominated the top seven spots and registered the highest average Facebook IQ’s across categories, with BMW, Clinique, and Audi leading the pack. Overall, 13 brands scored within the coveted “Genius” class. The Watches & Jewelry industry, which has approached digital with reluctance, registered the lowest average IQ.

“Every few decades, the prestige industry experiences a seminal moment where a breakthrough, channel, marketing innovation, or product reconfigures the landscape. Our ranking aims to provide an actionable metric that prestige executives can use to determine where they will garner greatest return on incremental investment on the Facebook platform.” —Scott Galloway


Engagement vs. Size, Quality vs. Quantity: Analysis of the Facebook page size versus Engagement demonstrates a negative correlation, suggesting that many of the brands that have been most effective at acquiring Facebook fans have fallen flat engaging them. See, But Not Heard: Twenty percent of prestige brands do not allow fans to post on their wall; these brands posted average IQs of 82 versus an average of 107 for brands allowing wall posts. Product vs. Promotion: Analysis of more than 800 brand wall posts demonstrates that posts about products garnered the highest interaction rates across the study. Posts around contests and promotions registered the lowest interaction rates. Glocal: Brands that maintain both global and regional Facebook pages garner fives times the interaction of those that have just a singular global page. Facebook Is Not an Island: Prestige Facebook efforts are poorly integrated across digital platforms. Just over half are promoted on brand sites through share technology, and only 29 percent incorporate the open graph “like” API. F-Commerce: The New, New Thing: None of the Prestige 100 are currently engaged in Facebook commerce. It is predicted this will be the area of greatest investment over the next 12 months.