Lexus celebrates Leap Day via solo Pandora sponsorship

Lexus banner ads

LuxuryDaily notes: In an effort to push its Enform mobile application and the GS 2013 vehicles, Toyota Corp.’s Lexus used Leap Day to exclusively advertise on music service Pandora’s mobile and Internet channels.

Banner ads on the site and in Pandora’s mobile apps linked to the Lexus mobile site where there was more information on the Lexus Enform app and GS models. This is part of an ongoing that Lexus has with Pandora.

“Lexus is associating their premium brand with a premium experience on Pandora,” said Deborah Roth, vice president of corporate communications for Pandora, Oakland, CA.

“On Pandora, brands are able to reach a massive audience and incorporate precise targeting features to ensure they’re connecting with the right audience as they are engaged and interacting with the music they love,” she said.

Leaping ahead
Just for yesterday, consumers had unlimited access to Lexus through mobile or Web banner ads on Pandora.

When consumers clicked on the banner ad in the Pandora mobile app, they were brought to the Lexus optimized site with information on the Lexus GS and the Lexus Enform app.

Lexus’ ad

Tapping on the section for the GS lets consumers read content, watch videos and find dealership information.

The GS comes in three models: GS 350, GS 350 F Sport and GS 450h. Consumers can see information on all of them.

Meanwhile, there is also information on the Lexus Enform app, which allows consumers to control components of the car from their phones.

Users can use their mobile devices to plan and share trips with friends via Facebook, as well as use mobile apps Pandora and Yelp! that can be controlled from drivers’ phones. Enform is available for free in Apple’s App Store (see story).

On the mobile site, consumers can also sign up for Lexus news, visit the automaker’s magazine and have access to the non-optimized Lexus site.

Landing page

Pandora’s box
Lexus has been pushing the GS model pretty aggressively over the past few months.

For instance, its marketing includes use of the new Facebook timeline, mobile banner ads, two mobile apps, a print campaign, out-of-home ads and Web site marketing (see story).

In addition, the automaker has been partnering up with Pandora on a few different initiatives in both its mobile and Internet channels.

For example, Lexus launched billboard banner ads and animation displays on Pandora’s homepage last year (see story).

Lexus banner ads on Pandora

Furthermore, Lexus automaker recently developed a radio station that featured “future-proof” tracks to parallel Lexus’ future-proof engineering. The banner ads on the Pandora site can be found at

“Lexus aims to build brand equity with giving back to the highly-engaged and passionate Pandora audience,” Ms. Roth said.

“They are the first brand to bring a full-day of more music [with] fewer breaks across Pandora’s Web, mobile and iPad platforms,” she said.