Jaguar drives email sign-ups via social media

LuxuryDaily notes: British automaker Jaguar is pushing its email newsletter tailored to the new F-Type vehicle in a digital campaign that comprises Web site, social media accounts and a video with an element of mystery.

The automaker is using its digital outlets and an ambiguous YouTube video to speak to consumers’ curiosity about its new sportscar and ask them to register for email updates about the model. The email campaign follows the announcement that Jaguar made at the New York International Auto Show last week assuring consumers that the F-Type has entered production.

“Jaguar is more than likely attempting to build its database with relevant contacts,” said Andrea Wilson, director of digital strategy and luxury practice lead at iProspect, Fort Worth, TX.

“By directing visitors to the page for self-signup, Jaguar will likely gain qualified and interested contact information for those expressing desire to learn more and stay in contact with the company,” she said.

“This strategy is much more effective than buying email lists or other ways to capture email addresses.”

Ms. Wilson is not affiliated with Jaguar, but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

Jaguar could not comment before press deadline.

Seeing red
Jaguar is strengthening its direct email marketing efforts for the F-Type with an all-digital campaign.

The automaker devoted the first slide of its United States Web site to an image of the shape of the F-Type masked by a silky red covering.

The slide reads “Fuel your desire” and contains a sign-up button that takes users to the F-Type email sign-up page.

Jaguar Web site 

This email registration page describes the new model with the text, “Sensuous design. Primal power. Instinctive handling. A sports car that sets your heart afire. The very essence of Jaguar.”

A press release teases the model by saying that details will be announced later in 2012 and the vehicle will go on sale in mid-2013.

This page also links to the microsite at, which could be the future home of an F-Type dedicated site. It currently holds a quote from the global brand director and an email sign-up form.

Consumers must submit their full name, email address and ZIP code to receive news about the F-Type model via email.

The form leaves the phone number and physical address fields optional.

The automaker is using an ambiguous video located on its email sign-up page and YouTube page that shows the F-Type in a way that that keeps up the mystery surrounding the new model.

YouTube Preview Image

The video’s page on YouTube contains a link to signup for F-Type emails in the description space under the video.

The 90-second video begins with a red line that bounds across the viewing plane.

The black background slowly fades to a scene of the F-Type covered in large red cloth.

A breeze blows at the edges of the car’s covering while engine sounds play.

Suddenly the sheet is lifted in the air and reveals an empty space where the car is expected to be.

Soon the red cloth is lowered and takes on the shape of the car again.

The video ends with the F-Type logo and the URL, which is the link to the email sign-up page.

“The video is absolutely essential to increase desire for the product,” Ms. Wilson said.

“By not viewing the body style, the audience is missing a huge portion of the visual cue necessary for car-purchasing decisions,” she said. “By revving the engine and showing the red cloth moving fluidly to tease the viewer, it helps grow the desire and curiosity for seeing the product since they can hear the car and watch the visually stimulating video.

“I’m sure the viewer, as I did, really wants to see the car body style, interior and specifications, but the video teases just enough to keep interest piqued until the unveiling occurs.”

Social craze 
Jaguar is using an image of the shape of the sports car hidden under the red cover as its main image on the Jaguar USA Facebook page.

The automaker posted the video, which users can watch within the timeline, and a link to the video on YouTube.

Jaguar USA Facebook page 

Jaguar opened its U.S. Google+ page with the red-cloth-covered F-Type by strategically uploading pieces of the image that fit together to form a full-image header.

The automaker discussed the announcement of the F-Type on its Google+ feed.

Jaguar used its @JaguarUSA Twitter handle to link to the email signup page.

In addition to housing the F-Type teaser video, Jaguar’s main YouTube page is outfitted with a background that shows the red cloth car cover with the F-Type logo.

Automakers are increasingly focusing on calls to action via digital campaigns to interact with consumers.

For example, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, Lexus and BMW are giving consumers brand-specific updates via live-streaming and news updates using social media outlets during the New York International Auto Show, which could draw consumers to those brands over others (see story).

In addition, BMW used its social media outlets to encourage consumer participation in a contest that showcases the new 3 Series vehicle with a set of user-created YouTube videos that are 5.9 seconds in length, the same amount of time that it takes the car to go from 0-60 miles per hour (see story).

“By aggressively requesting contact information, Jaguar will grow its relevant contact base and know particularly which group is interested in the F-Type versus another model,” Ms. Wilson said. “It will have the opportunity to personalize communication and information for this group in their direct communication as well as remessaging and retargeting display campaigns.

“This group is also likely to be influencers, a group of individuals that will share and spread information about the new model to grow awareness,” she said.

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