Porsche revs up mobile presence with print-QR code combo

LuxuryDaily notes: German automaker Porsche is upping its mobile presence through the incorporation of QR codes on its print advertisements, bringing consumers to a video that allows the brand personality to shine.

Set in high-end publications including ClubCorp’s Private Clubs magazine, Porsche is marketing its new 911 model. Porsche partnered with Microsoft Tag to produce content that adds to the print experience.

“By featuring mobile tags in our print ads, we are able to add value to the consumer,” said Dave Engelman, media relations manager for Porsche North America, Atlanta. “When followed with a smartphone, it helps bring the advertisement to life, if you will.

“Due to our small size, Porsche has to be selective when advertising, while making sure we reach out potential customers,” he said. “Simply put, our relationship with Private Clubs helps us reach those people.”

Tag, you’re it
The Porsche ad in Private Clubs is a two-fold ad in a prime editorial spot. The ad folds out into the article, so consumers are likely to see the placement.

Porsche ad in Private Clubs

The ad consists of a Porsche 911 Carrera parked on an otherwise empty street. A young boy on his bike has stopped to look into the window.

The code is strategically placed on the same side of the page as the boy and the car so that it is not hidden or stashed away.

The tagline reads, “The golden age of the sports car has just begun. Again.”

The brand also shares a little about the car and Porsche, including a Web site call to action.

When consumers download the Microsoft Tag app – instructions of which are included in the ad – they can scan the code.

Landing page post-scan

This takes them to Porsche’s optimized YouTube page where they can watch a video of the car called “Porsche 911: Forever the dream.”