Apple Working on “Eyes Free” In-Car Siri Integration

Apple is hoping to collaborate with General Motors, Chrysler, BMW, Audi and more in order to implement their new “Eyes Free” program. The eventual plan is to create a fully integrated system distributed through the car manufacturer that could be compatible with any iDevice. Eyes Free should allow a driver to control their device solely via his or her voice. Pretty cool if you ask me…



Siri, the voice-command/digital-assistant system that debuted in Apple’s iOS 5 platform, is about as hands-free as mobile-phone technology gets. Press a button, ask Siri a question or give your instructions, and that’s it. When you’re driving a car, however, finding that button can be tricky, which brings us to Apple’s latest wonder, Eyes Free.

via Apple Working on “Eyes Free” In-Car Siri Integration.

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