Bentley showcases GT via first model-specific app

LuxuryDaily notes: British automaker Bentley Motors released its first iPad application dedicated to its Continental GT and GTC models that lets users design their own vehicles and shows history via films, photography and stories.

The Bentley GT V8 app includes a customization tool called the Visualiser that lets users change a model’s color, wheels, hood color and interior. It also contains a photo gallery, videos and specifications for both models.

“The new app is an extension to Bentley’s growing mobile strategy and has been specifically developed to mark the launch of the new V8 engine in the Continental GT and GTC models,” said Matthew Smith, digital strategy manager of sales and marketing at Bentley Motors, Crewe, England.

“By allowing users to be able to engage with the new models in this way, Bentley has created an immersive experience in a single place on the iPad,” he said.

Custom-made mobile
The Bentley GT V8 iPad app is available for free from the Apple App Store. A version for the iPhone will be released in the future.

The app’s home screen lets users navigate to different sections such as two model-dedicated sections for the GT and GTC, the Visualiser customization tool, The V8 Story and Bentley’s Twitter feed.

App homepage 

The GT and GTC sections let users navigate to the Visualiser where they can modify the vehicle and save it to their personal V8 Garage within the app. Users can also view a gallery, videos and specifications.

GT section 

The V8 Story sections contains a two-minute video, a design photo gallery, a sound sampler and a performance section where consumers can experience the history of the engine.

The V8 Story section 

For example, users can hear the sound of the engine starting by pressing a virtual ignition button or hear the engine by touching the virtual gas pedal.

In the Visualiser, users can create a new bespoke vehicle or edit an existing vehicle in their garages. Customization options include nine colors, three types of wheel rims and nine interior color schemes.

Visualiser section 

Visualisers for Bentley models are also available to users through Bentley’s Web site at and are optimized for mobile.

“We wanted to go one step further and package all of this content in to a single app to celebrate these special vehicles,” Mr. Smith said.

Channel of choice
Bentley is likely highly-visible to affluent consumers due to its presence in the mobile medium.

The automaker has its own app called “Pure Bentley,” a motor journal that shows the design, engineering and history of Bentley Motors that is available for free on in Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play.

Bentley also released an iPad-optimized version of Pure Bentley, which it recently updated to be viewed in eight different languages (see story).

Meanwhile, the automaker is involved in third-party app Sports Car Challenge and recently updated its vehicle offerings to include the Continental GT V8.

The app lets iPad virtually test-drive models during racing challenges. Consumers can also find a dealer, schedule a live test drive and pick out parts of a Bentley vehicle before they take it out for a spin (see story).

“Smartphones and tablet devices are increasingly important to brands when communicating with customers and advocates,” Mr. Smith said. “This is even more the case for the Bentley brand given the high penetration of these devices amongst our target markets.

“Our approach to mobile is to ensure that we can provide the relevant content and functionality to our audience on the device of their choice,” he said. “Expect to see more Bentley applications developed for smartphone and tablet devices in the future.

“The Pure Bentley journal app and the Sports Car Challenge game have been hugely successful in creating engaging content for users of mobile devices.”