VW Uses “The Internet’s Fastest” To Prove They Are Fast

YouTube stars vs. cars.

Deutsch L.A. pits Volkswagen cars against YouTube stars known for speed, in a series of web films featuring the GTI, the Golf R and Jetta GLI, for the ‘Fast vs. Fast’ campaign.

For once, YouTube sensations are doing more than just standing around in advertising. They’re actually working for it.

The Rubik’s Cube solver is asked to solve his puzzle with one hand (he can solve in about 8 seconds with both his hands); while the world’s fastest female speed talker recites the Gettysburg address; thebeatboxer is asked to spit a beat; and the the world’s fastest guitarist plays Flight of the Bumblebee. All this, while Volkswagen vehicles speed around a race track.

The driver of the car, is Eric Norris, who is a professional stuntman and, get this, Chuck Norris’ youngest son.



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