Top 10 luxury brand social videos of Q2

LuxuryDaily notes: The second quarter of this year sparked the flaunt of videos that portrayed brand lifestyle, image, products and new collections important to a label. Social video is becoming an increasingly popular way for luxury marketers to bolster visibility and increase the probability of sharing.

Indeed, social video was one of the most popular ways that luxury marketers sharpened their social strategy. Automakers, fashion brands and lifestyle labels are jumping on the bandwagon by creating these videos to allow consumers to buy, share and live the luxury lifestyle.

Here are the top 10 social videos of the first half of 2012, in alphabetical order:

BMW’s Bullet – BMW Canada has chosen a social video that displays the speed, agility and performance dynamics of the automaker’s new M5 model that it hopes will maximize the model’s visibility and play to its strength.

The automaker opted for social video since luxury and high-performance automakers have die-hard fans, which increases the likeliness that this video will spread.

The two-minute “Bullet” video was created for online channels, but shortened segments will play in airports across Canada.

The car is shown speeding through an open area when it encounters objects such as glass and water balloons.

At impact, the footage slows down to see the breakdown of each material as the M5 crashes through.

To juxtapose the sheer power of the BMW M5 and promote the luxurious and sophisticated side of the vehicle, BMW used a special high-speed camera named the Phantom to shoot the vehicle at over 2,000 frames per second creating true performance art.

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BMW’s Bimmer Stories – BMW used humor to appeal to consumers in one of its latest social videos called “Three of a kind” that portrays the history of the 3 Series through a trio of uncanny characters.

The short film shows three generations of the 3 Series model and is one of BMW Classic’s Bimmer Stories that are being presented on a microsite at

This video was produced and shared via social media to strengthen the community awareness for BMW Classic, per the automaker. It can be seen on the international BMW Facebook page, the BMW Classic Facebook page, BMW TV and the BMW YouTube channel.

Each character in the film represents a decade of 3 Series models.

The bearded Derek drives a first generation vehicle and seems to have taken to the island life.

Gordon appears in the video driving his second-generation model made in the 1980s.

Keri, the love interest of both male characters, drives a third-generation 3 Series made in the 1990s.

Each character embodies their respective car and shares its traits throughout the film.

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Cartier’s L’Odyssée de Cartier – French jeweler Cartier’s branding venture in the first quarter involved the sharing of its new short film “L’Odyssée de Cartier” via the brand’s Web site, television advertisements and multiple digital channels to give luxury consumers a look at the history behind its products.

The L’Odyssée de Cartier was the subject of the March 2012 issue of the brand’s online magazine Rouge Cartier and was promoted on the main Cartier Web site, YouTube and a Facebook page dedicated to the campaign.

The film centers on the journey of a panther while showing some of Cartier’s timeless jewelry and watches in settings such as India, Russia and France that serve as inspiration to the brand.

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Chanel’s “Ultra – A Story of Contrasts” – French fashion label Chanel pushed a new black-and-white film via social media to raise awareness for its new Ultra jewelry collection and to serve as a reminder of simplicity, one of its core design principles.

“Ultra – A Story of Contrasts” shows the new ring collection on the hand of a woman and in various settings, all shot at high contrast.

The black-and-white palette is representative of the House of Chanel, per the label, and this campaign is also a way for the label to push its brand image as many fashion houses are doing with social video.

The video seems to be the center of the campaign. It starts by showing one of the Ultra rings on a woman’s hand buttoning a coat.

Since the video is in black-and-white and at high contrast, the hand appears to be white and the jacket is very dark.

The screen switches to multiple shots over approximately 40 seconds while playing soft, futuristic music.

Chanel teased the video June 9 on its Facebook page with a 12-second piece from the film. On June 15, the label released the full version.

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Christian Dior’s Secret Garden – Versailles – French apparel label Christian Dior is introducing products from its fall/winter 2012 collection with a new video called “Secret Garden – Versailles” that highlights the brand lifestyle and image.

The 60-second video debuted on Dior’s digital media.

The video opens with model Daria Strokous  standing along a mirrored wall. She swiftly moves around the seemingly empty Versailles before she is joined by fellow models Melissa Stasiuk and Xiao Wen Ju.

The three women are shown walking briskly around Versailles and around its properties in different outfits from the fall collection.

The video finishes with the three women in the garden surrounding a garden of flowers in the shape of the initials “CD.”

It is interesting that the video takes place in Versailles, a palace that has been a signature part of the Dior brand.

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Dolce & Gabbana’s Italiana – Dolce & Gabbana is appealing to its consumers’ love for vintage fashion in a silent short film that presents the Italian fashion label’s new eyewear collection.

The spring/summer 2012 Matt Silk Collection is shown in a 90-second Italian comedy depicting two women arguing over which sunglasses to wear while driving a classic convertible.

The women decide to switch sunglasses. This goes back and forth until the mother figure decides to take her daughter’s sunglasses away completely.

Bickering ensues while the daughter is driving on a mountainside highway. By the end of the film, both women have their sunglasses back and are no longer fighting.

The video fades as the driver places her head on the passenger’s shoulder.

The label styled the video after an idealistic era that it might hope to translate into this eyewear line to strengthen its brand image.

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Louis Vuitton’s “All Aboard Games” – Louis Vuitton is showcasing its classic board game case covered in the signature Damier checkerboard pattern in a 60-second animated film that the label presented to its online magazine subscribers and social media fans.

The fashion house is showing its classic game case in an animated film called “All Aboard Games.” The video was produced by III Studio to show how games are part of human history.

All Aboard Games shows “the fantastic and surrealist voyage inside a Louis Vuitton game case,” per the label.

The animation is set to piano music and features bright orange, yellow and blue games and the classic Louis Vuitton checkerboard pattern on the game case.

Louis Vuitton presented the video to fans via its online magazine called “New, Now” and social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The label used its magazine to explain that the video shows how “these board games have become an expression of part of our human nature.”

The brand also wrote that it is presenting the universe of games with ones that Louis Vuitton offers, as well as showcasing its iconic Damier checkerboard print created in 1888.

Louis Vuitton seems to be pushing its history lately, which is probably a move to educate new consumers on its design background.

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Marc Jacobs’ spring/summer 2012 video – Apparel and accessories brand Marc Jacobs is bringing its spring/summer 2012 menswear collection to the desert in a social video that highlights sunglasses, clothing and bags in a rugged setting and provides item pricing.

The two-minute video called A Desert Mirage shows two men decked out in pieces from the latest menswear collection while wondering through a desert against a clear blue sky.

The video fades out to an image of a white mannequin head wearing the Black Tie Sunglasses from the video. The product name and price in dollars, euros and pounds are shown.

Marc Jacobs is jumping on the social video trend by showing a collection in action, but is trying something new in the fact that few luxury brands are using video to appeal exclusively to men.

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Michael Kors’ Man Repeller video – Michael Kors recently doubled its space on Manhattan’s luxury-speckled retail section Madison Avenue and is invited consumers to the new digs via email and a social video starring blogger Man Repeller.

The video features the Man Repeller, who is dressing up the Michael Kors store and getting it ready for opening day.

The blogger dresses mannequins, lays out sunglasses and organizes leather goods. The video gives a comprehensive of the store in general, as well as the inventory that is there.

At the end, she invites consumers to come into the store.

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Prada’s A Therapy – Italian fashion label Prada is presenting “A Therapy,” a short film starring Helena Bonham Carter, a psychiatry patient and Ben Kingsley, her psychiatrist, that demonstrates how the brand’s items are recognizable and coveted by everyone.

The film was directed and co-written by French-Polish film director Roman Polanski and premiered at the 73rd Cannes International Film Festival May 21 before a showing of a restored version of his 1979 film called “Tess.”

A purple Prada fur jacket is the centerpiece of the film and, by showing a man fixated on a woman’s item, the label is pushing its idea that “Prada suits everyone.”

The patient analyzes a dream she had and says that it signifies that she is lonely. The psychiatrist has not said a word, but has focused his attention on the purple Prada jacket hanging by the door.

The film ends frozen on Mr. Kingsley, who is pulling the jacket’s collar up to his face. The phrase “Prada suits everyone” appears on the screen in front of this image before the closing credits.

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