Nissan Leaf Offers Free Taxi Rides on Twitter

 Tweet your destination and #6XCHEAPER 

Nissan is tooting its own horn about recent AKQA-engineered promotions in London and Amsterdam that offered free taxi rides in Leaf electric vehicles in exchange for people tweeting their destination and using the #6XCHEAPER hashtag. Powering electric cars, we’re told, is six times cheaper than fueling their comparable gasoline-burning counterparts. Fair enough, though these zero-emission Leaf taxis look about 60XSILLIER than conventional cars. They were tricked-out with cost-savings signage that screamed, “Look at me, I’m a cheapskate riding in an infographic!” (And I really get a charge out of that goofy blue power plug.) I bet all the folks tooling around London in British Airways 747s pointed and laughed when they pulled up next to one of those Leafs (Leaves?) at a stoplight. Via PSFK.

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