BMW – Feeling Remains :60 (from last nite’s Olympics)

BMW’s latest full-length global TV spot “Feeling Remains” captures the feeling of how driving a BMW never leaves you.

YouTube Preview Image

AKI NOTES: Comments seemed lackluster in the Twitterstreams…on YouTube, more preoccupation with “WHO MADE THAT SONG” than the spot or what it says about the car or brand. Furthermore, I’m a professional, and I had to work my arse off to actually find the spot, after seeing it on the Superbowl – no easy Google search ranking, no intuitive top of social feeds, no top placement on YouTube channel, no attention arrows anywhere intuitive to call out “as seen on Olympics just now”…Simply Said: Viewthrough™ was for sh!t, BMW, and my point seems proven by video view count…3,547. Yoinks!…this suggests no pre-seeding to get that count up higher, and no resulting spike by next morning. That big Olympics sponsorship spend may have sucked up all the energy and funds for basic digital advertising 101.