For the Olympics, Volkswagen Netherlands Creates a Car Powered by Cheers

Dutch agency Achtung, the shop behind VW’s “Fanwagen,” one of our favorite social media campaigns ever, is back with another brilliant campaign for Volkswagen of the Netherlands.

To give the Olympic Games the loudest Dutch supporters possible, the agency created an “orange-motion technology” that powers the car by noise.

The special edition Volkswagen up! has a decibel recorder linked to the accelerator. Cheering sounds within the car are converted into motion, so the louder the cheering, the faster the car moves. There are, according to the press note, some safety features that limit the speed at 30 km per hour, and a second set of pedals for a co-driver. Daily competitions in the Netherlands will ask enthusiastic Dutch fans to try to race the vehicle through their cheers on a 100-meter track, to win tickets to the Olympics.

There is an accompanying television spot (by Comrad) and a making of video as well.