Really Direct Mail: A Clever Porsche Dealer Is Photographing Cars In Prospective Clients’ Driveways

Jalopnik notes: In an effort to boost sales, a Toronto Porsche dealership took its cars to affluent homes, photographed them in the driveways, and sent the pictures to homeowners.

The mailers read “It’s closer than you think.” Not surprisingly, the strategy worked. Who can say no to a Porsche in the driveway?

Toronto’s Pfaff Automotive said they got a 52 percent response rate on the ads, which featured a white 911 sitting in the driveways of each recipient’s McMansion. This would never fly in the U.S., where someone would undoubtedly accuse the dealership of trespassing on private property.

Maybe other marques should try this, too, although if I saw a random Kia sitting in my driveway (because none of the pricier car makers would bother with my house), I’d call a tow truck company. But I suppose that’s my American mentality, which regards this kind of advertising as a combination of trespassing and stalking.