History of Formula One cars in wireframes is neato

Wireframe F1 video screencap - 1950

AutoBlog notes: Say what you will about Formula One, but the sport remains a showcase for some of the most impressive automotive engineering on the planet. That’s nothing new, either. F1 has always served as a showcase for pure design in the pursuit of a singular purpose. One creative soul has taken the time to pay homage to F1 race car development over the decades with a unique wireframe animation. The short clip takes us from 1950 to present day, from straight-eight engines to mighty V12 powerplants and the shrieking V8 monsters of today.

F1 evolution timeline infographic

Ruf Blacklock, the mind behind the video, has also worked up an awesome infographic timeline detailing the emergence of various technologies over the years. Following the course of the infamous Autodromo Nazionale in Monza, Italy, the timeline shows us exactly how the sport grew from the classic racers of the ’50s to the tech-laden machines of today. It’s nearly as interesting as the video itself, and you can check it out by clicking on the inset photo above. You may also take a look at the video below.