Visitors Interact At Audi Pavilion Using Avatar-Like Spheres

The new Audi brand pavilion opened in late spring of 2012 within the Autostadt at Wolfsburg, Germany. Designed by Schmidhuber and KMS Team, the exhibition aims to showcase Audi’s current design, engineering and technology innovations. To make the experience more dynamic, each visitor uses a personalized sphere to activate content and interact with the entire pavilion itself.

Pavilion entry.

Personalization docks.

Once inside, individuals get a sphere which they can initialize with their photo and name. Contained within each sphere is a series of LED lights which change color depending on where in the pavilion it travels. Content can accessed by placing the sphere in recessed docks.

Connect Rotunda.

The finish of the exhibition is a rotunda with a 360 degree media projection called Audi Connect. The content projected changes based on information read from spheres in the room. The content varies depending on what information was accessed during a visit creating an ever changing finale.

Check out the video below which shows a virtual walk through of the pavilion and the spheres in action.


Audi Pavilion Autostadt

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