Luxury Marketers Catch Up on Digital Channels [Data]

eMarketer notes: Luxury marketers were not exactly the first brands to jump into digital. The highly democratic medium of the internet spurred a host of concerns, and a lowly banner ad could hardly compare with a glossy page in Vogue or Vanity Fair. But now that everyone, especially the affluent, is online for such a large portion of the day, research shows luxury marketers are following suit.

A survey of luxury marketers and agencies with luxury clients by affluent-oriented digital media and content platform Martini Media and DIGIDAY found that many luxury brands had begun moving more quickly to adopt digital advertising than their mass market counterparts. More than four in 10 agencies described their clients as doing so, while another 34% said their luxury clients were moving at the same speed as mass market brands. Just one-third of agencies said their clients were still slow to move to digital compared to the average brand.

Speed with Which Luxury Clients Are Adopting Digital Advertising Strategies According to US Ad Agencies, Aug 2012 (% of respondents)

Like their mass-market brethren, luxury marketers are also moving into the newest and most exciting digital channels. Video and mobile topped the list of formats luxury market advertisers expected to increase their use of this year, with more than two-thirds planning to do so. Nearly half planned increased use of social media marketing.


US Luxury Advertisers Who Plan on Increasing Their Use of Select Digital Formats in 2012 (% of respondents)


Formats like video are one reason luxury marketers are finally keen to move online: They have begun to feel they can offer a more fully fledged luxury brand experience with these more sophisticated formats. And the same goes for mobile—with affluent consumers toting smartphones everywhere they go, luxury marketers have recognized they can reach them on these devices, which also offer opportunities for slick, shiny advertising and marketing.