Rules of the Tweet Race: Get More Followers, Get an Audi

Catching this a little late, but there’s still time to sign up and amass 2,500 new followers for a chance to win a new A4 (one year lease plus a “tuning package”) in what’s being billed as the first virtual race on Twitter. I just checked and two of the ten spots remain available. Interesting way to scale awareness via a smaller group of users campaigning for fresh new (and presumably attentive) followers. 

via Joe Berkowitz at Co.Create

Lowe Roche and Pfaff Auto have put together what they claim is the world’s first virtual race on Twitter; the prize is an Audi A4 of the non-virtual variety.

If a bunch of strangers hit you up on Twitter looking for a follow any time soon, consider being charitable and helping them out. They’re probably just trying to win an Audi.

The Pfaff Tweet Race began on Monday, August 27. No starter pistol was fired; instead, all that could be heard was the sound of Twitter users scrambling to their computers to charm their way into earning new followers by the hundreds. The rules of the race are simple. Created by Toronto-based marketing and advertising agency Lowe Roche for the Pfaff auto dealership, the contest requires users to gain 2,500 new Twitter followers with NASCAR-like quickness for the chance to win a 2013 Audi A4 with a one-year lease and a $5,000 tuning package.

In order to get in on the action, contestants need only go to the dedicated web page, log in with their Twitter accounts, and start being rather informative, witty, and likable in a hurry. The first 10 contestants to get to 2,500 (or the closest to it after two months) will each win a key. One of those keys unlocks the door to the Audi, which will be revealed during a grand party at Pfaff Auto, from which nine disappointed contestants will slink away, presumably griping to their 2,500 new Twitter followers.

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