Nissan To Replicate Human Skin For Car Interiors

DesignTaxi notes: Japanese car maker Nissan has up the ante in the luxury car industry, by trying to create a synthetic material for its automobile interiors that would feel like the skin on a human finger.

Having concluded that the soft touch of a human hand is one of the most luxurious and pleasant sensory experiences, Nissan hopes to replicate its tactile feel—including its warmth, texture and moistness—with its cutting-edge artificial upholstery.

While feeling the touch of another human’s hand is generally an enjoyable experience, we wonder if having a ‘thousand fingers’ “touch” us while we sit in a car could be more-than-a-little creepy.

Would you want a car seat that feels like human skin?

[via Jalopnik, images via Jalopnik and Mashable]