Huffington Post Drops TEDWeekends

We’re so excited to announce our latest collaboration with the Huffington Post – TEDWeekends. Every Friday, TED will release one of our talks — and the broader idea it represents — into the Huffington Post ecosystem of bloggers and commenters to let them build on it. Bloggers worldwide are invited to share perspectives about the idea, and help morph and adapt it in unpredictable ways. And the audience is invited to do the same, taking the idea through twists, turns, debates and challenges. We’re hoping that this genuinely allows ideas to evolve.

For example, the first week’s talk is Brian Goldman’s “Doctors make mistakes. Can we talk about that?” while the big-picture concept is that talking openly about medical mistakes may be the first step toward healing a broken healthcare system.

The response from the Huffington Post community has been incredibly warm and enthusiastic. After only a few days, Goldman’s talk has received over 1,000 comments and been liked on Facebook over 60,000 times, extending the reach of the talk significantly.

From a Huffington Post user:
I am continuously surprised at how HuffPost continues to grow, be innovative, and help others do the same by being the best versions of themselves and their missions as possible. HuffPost, TED, OWN, and other influences have pushed me from engaged reader to active participant. I am continuously encouraged by your movement. The ability to connect thoughts, ideas, actions, to an active and engaged community is a power that we’re just beginning to see the potential of.”

More fun things to know:

* Guest bloggers: The breadth, depth and thoughtfulness of the Huffington Post bloggers has been really striking. In particular, we recommend the thoughtful essay by TEDster Dean Ornish: Shining a light in the darkness.

* Idea Visualizations: Beginning next week, many ideas will also be represented by artistic, ‘frame-worthy’ visuals.

* Archive: All TEDWeekends will be permanently archived on the Huffington Post with browsing capabilities from the TEDWeekends homepage.

* Other elements: Over time, we’ll add other elements such as a social sharing graphic (showing how the ideas spread), debate modules and more.

Join us on the weekends with Huffington Post, to watch the journey of an idea and enjoy new perspectives on your favorite talks. Your partnership and support continue to make new initiatives possible, and in this case special thanks go out to our partner Chevy Volt whose vision and shared goals allowed us to bring this venture to life.