Cadillac targets business-minded consumers via mobile ads

LuxuryDaily notes: General Motors’ Cadillac is targeting readers of the Reuters mobile site through banner ads that link to video and images of the ATS model that the automaker is positioning as a vehicle made for affluent individuals.

The banner ad appears on the bottom of the page when users access the Reuters mobile site from the iPhone. Mobile seems to be an integral part of Cadillac’s ATS campaign so that the automaker can reach the target audience on smartphones and tablets.

“This is a car that goes up against European sports sedans,” said David Caldwell, communications manager at Cadillac, Detroit. “It has a fairly youthful, business-type audience, and therefore, you would expect mobile to be a big part of what we want to do.

“In those videos and photos [in the ads] we have built a cinematic style to introduce the ATS to people, which is also what we do on television,” he said.

“They work really well online, making the point that the ATS is a world-class offering and a really dynamic car that is high-performing and fun-to-drive.

News of the day
Cadillac’s banner ad shows the automaker’s symbol and an image of a red ATS model in motion.  It said, “the all-new Cadillac ATS.”

Users can click on the ad to expand it on top of the Reuters mobile homepage.

“Depending on the medium through which we are advertising, we get small insights into random bits and pieces of the consumer viewing the ad,” said Shuli Lowy, marketing director at Ping Mobile, Beverly Hills, CA. “We then weave those few pieces of information into a fuller image of what the person on the other end is like.

“People who are well-educated or well-informed are not always affluent,” she said. “However, as marketers we assume that the type of person who would be reading articles about the most current activities in finance and politics would be, or will one day be, of a more affluent sort.

“Accordingly, Reuters, a premier news source, would be a perfect site to place ads for a Cadillac ATS – a luxury car that is within the purchase power of a more affluent target market.”

The expanded ad shows a silver ATS model driving on a waterfront road. It contains buttons to watch a video, view an image gallery or learn more about the model.

Expanded ad 

There are two videos that users can view in the ad: “Aerodynamic design” and “Brembo brakes.” Each video shows a short demonstration of each attribute of the model.

Video ad page 

The image gallery shows the ATS model in various colors and in different environments.

Image gallery 

When users click the “learn more” button they are taken to the ATS section of Cadillac’s mobile site at

The site lets users explore the model. Sections include Performance, Technology, Interior and Exterior.

From a drop-down menu, users can also view additional models, see current offers, use shopping tools, access owners assistance and chat with an agent.

ATS mobile site 

“The use of pictures and video is particularly important when marketing cars,” Ms. Lowy said. “The setting in which a car is placed in an ad tells the user what a five-paragraph essay could not.

“Displaying a video of a car driving through rugged mountainous terrain verses displaying a car pulling up to a school parking lot sends deep messages to the user about what the car stands for and what its key features are,” she said.

Let’s take this outside
Cadillac used another mobile effort recently to market the ATS model that hit 30,000 activations.

The automaker pushed the model through augmented reality installations in top U.S. marketers by transforming street murals into driving experiences on smartphones and tablets.

In line with Cadillac’s “ATS vs. The World” campaign, consumers could “drive” the ATS model on murals by artist Tracy Lee Stum via mobile devices.

Each mural represented an international location where the ATS was tested. Cities included New York, Miami, Chicago and San Francisco.

The theme of the ATS vs. The World program is testing the vehicle on the most challenging roads in the world. The campaign debuted during the 2012 London Olympics.

Rather than relying on application downloads, Cadillac brought this mobile experience directly to consumers through out-of-home installations (see story).

Giving consumers options on how to interact with a brand via mobile can help marketers ease their way into their target consumers’ lives.

“The beautiful thing about the structure of the site that the Reuters ad links to is that it leaves the keys in the hands of the user,” Ms. Lowy said. “The user gets to decide whether he or she wants to watch a video, look at a gallery of pictures, or find out more information about the vehicle.

“Giving users the control panel enables them to connect with your brand in the format they find most effective and most enjoyable,” she said.

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