Mercedes-Benz Launches Generation Benz: Online Customer Community for “Generation Y”

, the technology leader in on-demand Customer Collaboration, today announced it has partnered with Mercedes-Benz USA to create Generation Benz, an exclusive online community for Generation Y customers to interact and collaborate with the teams at Mercedes-Benz. The Passenger-powered community provides an invite-only forum for members to converge around their shared enthusiasm for Mercedes-Benz and have a direct impact on shaping the future of the brand. Generation Benz will also serve as a valuable tool for the company to gather insight into the mindset and lifestyle of this demographic as it relates to current and future vehicles and the overall Mercedes-Benz brand.

“Mercedes-Benz has always been highly attuned to the voice of its loyal customer base, which has helped propel our brand to where it is today”

“Mercedes-Benz has always been highly attuned to the voice of its loyal customer base, which has helped propel our brand to where it is today,” said Stephen Cannon, vice president of marketing, Mercedes-Benz USA. “When our customers join the brand, they tend to stay. Our Generation Benz community is a natural extension of our desire to broaden the Mercedes-Benz family, and establish a dialogue with future buyers to guide us with the design of our vehicles and direction of our brand.”

The name Mercedes-Benz is synonymous with luxury and is globally recognized as a high-end auto manufacturer that is dedicated to its customers. With the launch of Generation Benz, Mercedes-Benz aims to get to know the younger generation of current and future vehicle owners to broaden the company’s loyal following and shape the brand for the future. Using Passenger’s intuitive platform of social networking, customer collaboration and analytics tools, Mercedes-Benz is able to connect and engage with this community to elicit feedback and perspectives on vehicles, brand positioning and socio-cultural trends; preview upcoming advertising and marketing campaigns; and engage in live discussions to help continue the company’s rich history of innovation and luxury. With this community, Mercedes-Benz is recognizing the power of the voice of the customer, and changing the way luxury brands evolve to meet the needs of future generations.

“Generation Benz represents yet another innovative step in Mercedes-Benz’s brand evolution, and is the first of its kind in the luxury auto space,” said Justin Cooper, co-founder and chief innovation + marketing officer, Passenger. “It’s been an inspiration to work with the Mercedes-Benz team and witness first-hand how one of the most well-respected luxury brands engages a new audience and truly collaborates with its customers.”

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