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Ferrari Hybrid Supercar Could Weigh Under 2,500 Pounds

November 22, 2012 By

Electric and hybrid supercars are getting more and more common, and have helped change the old conception that hybrid and electric cars can’t be fast. Now, an upcoming Ferrari flywheel hybrid supercar may weigh a mere 2,500 pounds or less.

The supercar uses a flywheel to store energy and provide it with a power boost when desired.

The body of this Ferrari hybrid is expected to be 20% lighter than the Ferrari Enzo, and should reduce its emissions by 40%.

Most people know that the weight of automobiles has an impact on its efficiency and performance, but what matters is how much.

To give you an idea of just how significant the issue of vehicle weight is, almost all of the power that a vehicle requires is dedicated to moving the vehicle’s own weight — the weight of the passengers is nothing compared to it. This is one of multiple reasons why small cars and motorcycles are more fuel-efficient than large cars.

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