Ford Relaunches Lincoln, Gives Brand Spot in Super Bowl

Lincoln “re-launches” by looking backward…a lot.

Lincoln Announces Its New 2013 Campaign: Introducing the Lincoln Motor Company

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AdAge notes: The theme of the campaign to relaunch Lincoln is called “Introducing the Lincoln Motor Company” — an interesting choice for a 90-year-old company. Lincoln Motor Co. was the name it had when Ford Motor Co. purchased it in 1922. The rebranding was first reported in September by Automotive News and is targeted at consumers who can afford the car but aren’t necessarily aware of its existence or features. It’s primarily being targeted at tier-one luxury car owners, or owners of brands like Acura or Buick, that are looking to move up.

The problem the creatives started from was that lots of people now look at Lincoln and have no relationship with it, according to Connie Fontaine, manager, U.S. marketing communications. They see it as “My dad had one, Elvis drove one,” she said, adding that the mission is to bring the brand into modern relevance.


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