KBS+P’s Junior Creatives Document Their Thanksgiving Journeys Home for BMW

Agencies, here’s a lesson in believing in your ideas. When KBS+P was thinking up a holiday campaign for its client BMW, a young team, Jr. AD Aaron Perez and Jr. CW Chris Lane came up with an emotional idea that followed drivers traveling back to their loved ones on the “road home.” The client, however, ended up taking a different approach but the agency loved the idea so much, it shot it anyway.

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The project was a company-wide labor of love, and more than 50 agency staffers used their own smartphones and cameras to document their journeys home for Thanksgiving.The agency edited the footage into a spot, set it to some sweet music and presented it to the client as a gift. Turns out, BMW loved it too, and will be running a :60 of the film on NBC’s NFL Sunday Night Football the weekend before Christmas. It’s a moving, feel-good turn for the client, and way more memorable than all those sheet metal holiday promos adorned with gigantic red bows that we’re used to seeing.