Oh Yeah, Lincoln was in the Super Bowl, too

Automaker Lincoln premiered a TV spot that highlighted its partnership with comedian Jimmy Fallon.

Lincoln teamed up with Mr. Fallon as part of a bigger company rebranding on a crowdsourced commercial that promotes the car company’s MKZ sedans.

Consumers could tweet at the comedian with the hashtag #SteerTheScript to tell the story of Lincoln’s rebranding. The top five tweets were aggregated into a 90-second Super Bowl spot.

“We took five original tweets, a few alpacas, and our new MKZ and re-imagined the way a commercial is written. This is our official, full-length #SteerTheScript commercial starring RevRun, Wil Wheaton, Emmitt Smith, and you.”

YouTube Preview Image

A call-to-action at the end of Lincoln’s 30-second spot encourages consumers to visit http://steerthescript.com, which is optimized for mobile devices. The microsite lets users watch the full 90-second video, see what others are saying about Lincoln on Twitter and learn more about the MKZ.


Oh, and some other Anthem spots, too for MKZ

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