VW Smileage and Google

Google on Thursday announced the release of Google Adverapp, a new concept that re-imagines the digital advertising space for mobile app platforms. Google announced the new platform in 2012 but today announced a broadening of its scope with the Art, Copy & Code project.

According to Google that project is a series of experiments that combine creative professional, ad agencies and brands, all of which provide useful tools for consumers.

In a proof of concept move Google’s first adverapp has kicked off with the help of “Smileage” a Volkswagen-branded Android app. The VW app combines Volkswagen’s 2012 advertising campaign alongside a trip journal that measures various conditions including weather, traffic, location, distance, social interaction and more. When combined that information creates a live interactive map of a users road trip.

Screen shot 2013-03-08 at 11.49.36 AM

The new adverapp is also powered by a Google+ sign-in option that integrates photos and videos taken by everyone on the roadtrip. Those photos and videos are then added to the map.


While Smileage is being promoted with Volkswagen any vehicle owner can use the adverapp.


Google is not the first company to offer this type of functionality (HipGeo does it too), it is the first mobile app to feature multiple user integration for data collection purposes.


Google began building new mobile app platform to solve the problem of “abnormally low click rates” among mobile users. Apps like Smileage provide a valuable service to users while targeting their location and interests to provide better advertising solutions.


The product also benefits publishers because it allows them to find cool and unique ways to market their products while providing useful services to users.


Right now Smileage is still in early-phase testing but users can us the beta sign-ups form to ask for early access to the platform.


What do you think of Google adverapp’s, are they the future of mobile marketing?