A new smartphone app from Honda has been tested and found to delay traffic jams and improve fuel efficiency. The app monitors the road and distance between cars, instructing drivers when they need to slow down.

Tech-On reports that Honda tested this traffic jam prevention technology between September and February on a toll road in Jakarta, Indonesia. Vehicles were equipped with a smartphone running the app, which monitored the patterns of acceleration and braking.

Honda Reduces Traffic Jams With Smartphone App

It instructed drivers to move their vehicles in sync with one another and keep an appropriate distance apart. When they were successfully doing this the app showed a green screen, and when they weren’t it showed a blue screen.

This meant that drivers just had to glance at the color of the screen to see whether they were driving in sync with other cars. Following these instructions delayed the occurrence of a traffic jam by up to six minutes and improved fuel efficiency by 20-22%.

Honda Reduces Traffic Jams With Smartphone App



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